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At The Waking Lion, we believe the enduring flame of motivation will drive us towards our dreams and highest potential. In our Motivation section, we offer tips and strategies to fuel your drive in all aspects of life.

We aim to redefine success on your terms, tapping into your inner power to overcome obstacles and thrive. Our content equips you with the mindset to turn challenges into opportunities, and setbacks into stepping stones.  

Stay driven. Let our blog be your compass towards realizing your roaring reality.

7  Empowering Gifts to Reward Your Motivational Journey


1. Personal Development Books

2. Wellness Retreat: Treat yourself to a rejuvenating getaway focused on self-care


3. Fitness Tracker: Equip yourself with a tool to monitor your fitness progress.

4. Journaling Supplies: Cultivate introspection and self-reflection through journaling.


5. Online Courses or Workshops: Enrol in courses or workshops that align with your interests.

6. Inspirational Artwork.

7. Personalized Coaching or Mentoring.


The Endorphin Effect: How Regular Exercise Boosts Motivation.


6 Top Fitness Trackers


When it comes to boosting motivation, exercise is a powerful tool. Not only does it help in staying fit, but it also triggers the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones that can uplift your mood and keep you motivated.

The benefits are numerous, including increased lung capacity, lowered blood pressure, and weight management

 To make the most of your exercise experience, here are some top fitness trackers to enhance your journey.

1. Fitbit Inspire 3: Known for its accuracy in step count and heart rate monitoring

2. Whoop 4.0: Ideal for serious athletes seeking specialized health feedback and workout data

3. Huawei Band 3 Pro: Praised for its AMOLED display and excellent heart rate tracking

4. Amazfit GTR 4: A platform-agnostic smartwatch with dual-band GPS and long battery life

5. Fitbit Charge 6: Offers affordability, built-in GPS, and a range of fitness-tracking metrics

6. Amazfit Band 5: Known for its accurate workout tracking and heart rate monitoring


Did You Know…

1. Intrinsic motivation, which comes from within yourself, often leads to longer-lasting success compared to motivation from external rewards.

2. Setting specific, achievable goals increases motivation and enhances performance by providing a clear target to strive for?


3. Did you know that celebrating small victories along the way boosts motivation and reinforces positive behaviours, making it easier to stay on track towards larger goals?

4. Social support and accountability play crucial roles in maintaining motivation, as individuals are more likely to stay motivated when surrounded by a supportive community.


5. Did you know that practicing gratitude has been shown to increase motivation by shifting focus towards positive aspects of life and fostering a sense of abundance and fulfillment?

6. Visualization techniques, such as imagining oneself successfully achieving goals, can enhance motivation by increasing confidence and belief in one’s abilities.


7. Did you know that incorporating variety and novelty into tasks and activities can reignite motivation by preventing boredom and stimulating interest and curiosity?