“Hey there! Thanks for dropping by. Motivation and Well-being has always been a captivating force in my life. In this section, I’ll be sharing some personal thoughts on various issues that resonate with me. Stick around, and let’s roar into some inspiring or thought provoking issues together.

Thoughts Unleashed: Paul-Anthony's Take

for what it's worth?

Is my mind thinking strange things,

does it feel like some strange shift has taken place, and time feels like it has been speeded up?  What do you think?..


A lesson learned from a cross-country run

You know, there’s an incident from my school days that has stuck with me all these years. I often reflect back on it, and the thought came to me that you may benefit from hearing about it…read it here

some Food For thought

Where do thoughts come from?

Happiness blooms where self-love is planted

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Yes, you are right, the world does appear to be going mad! …read more